Boston Children’s Hospital’s ‘Gender Clinic’ Scrubs Its Website to Hide the Gruesome Truth

By Published on May 10, 2024

The infamous “Gender Clinic” at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), which opened in 2007, was the first major medical facility in America providing “gender” procedures for children. Since then, it has been the model for similar major hospitals around the world.

The BCH Gender Clinic site previously included descriptions of most of its surgical “gender” procedures, the names of the doctors involved, and even videos of its staff explaining how they diagnosed and treated the bodies and minds of children and teenagers. But that has changed recently. The site has recently become an irrational, deceptive maze.

Raising Awareness

MassResistance began raising awareness of this clinic almost immediately after it opened. In 2007, it did a segment on its radio show on the hospital’s puberty-blocking treatments for young children. We were featured on Fox News in 2008, exposing the clinic to the country. At that time the public was just beginning to address this outrage.

Still today, the mainstream media recognizes BCH as a great institution, despite the harm inflicted on “transgender” children.

Despite all the outrage over these ghastly procedures being done on children, US News and World Report named BCH as one of the “Best Children’s Hospitals” — which BCH advertises widely.

In April 2023 we released our detailed 70-page report on all the Gender Clinic programs at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was shocking to read, and we received feedback from around the country. As more people have become aware of what BCH and other hospitals are doing to children, the outrage across the country has increased tremendously.

The Fraud of ‘Transgender Health’ Being Exposed

Recently, two major reports have been published that are exposing the fraud of “transgender health.” The exposé on World Professional Association for Transgender Health — the organization cited for “standards” on “gender” procedures — and more recently, the Cass Review out of Britain, are opening eyes around the world and should help to get these treatment programs shut down.

Yet the BCH Gender Clinic proceeds as if nothing has changed! (It also continues to brag about being a strong ally of the LGBTQ “community.”)

Changing Its Website to Hide Horrible Activities

Nevertheless, the public’s increasing alarm over the past year seems to have rung a bell at BCH.

Sometime in the fall of 2023 (not long after MassResistance’s report), BCH changed much of its Gender Clinic website. It has now compared the new version to the old pages. The new pages seem purposely poorly organized and vague, lacking detail and information that was previously clearer. The strategy seems to be to make the clinic’s activities even less transparent to the public and media than they were a year ago.

These changes include:

  • Removed names of doctors and staff. The hospital has taken down all the names of doctors and staff in the gender clinic. The current “Meet Our Team” page is now essentially empty. Why are these doctors hiding? Are they unable to defend their practices and answer their critics?
  • Removed the videos that describe how they diagnose and help children “transition.” It was chilling to watch these doctors and medical specialists calmly outline their “reasoning” and procedures. MassResistance preserved those videos in its April 2023 report.
  • Deleted the separate page for the Center for Gender Surgery. This is where the important (and still publicly alarming) descriptions were. The old pages on surgeries offered are here & here:

The BCH’s original page discussing and explaining its approach to “gender surgery.”
Their original “procedures” page also listed and described the various kinds of surgeries.

Now this is all that appears:

The new page is greatly abbreviated!
As noted above, the changes also include replacing detailed descriptions with vague references (or none at all).

Now, the only surgeries currently listed are “breast augmentation” (breast implants on males) and “chest reconstruction” (mastectomies on females). But clicking on these two surgeries takes you to the vague page “Gender Services,” which gives no detail. (And searches on the BCH website yield no descriptions.) As far as we can tell, these two surgeries are available to children ages 15 and above. (See older pages here and here.)

The elimination of the Center for Gender Surgery page is significant because it hides detail on BCH’s so-called “bottom surgeries.” They were previously described openly, but now are referred to only on the “Transgender Reproductive Health Service” page. These are particularly gruesome even to list here. These surgeries include:

  • Metoidioplasty: Surgically creating a small pseudo-penis on a female using skin from her genital tissue and realigning the urethra. It is performed after the clitoris has been enlarged through the use of testosterone therapy.
  • Phalloplasty: Surgically creating a pseudo-penis on a female using skin from other parts of her body. In this procedure, surgeons harvest one or more “flaps” of skin and other tissues from a donor site on her body (usually the forearm or thigh) and use it to form a pseudo-penis, and realign the urethra. Serious complications are common.
  • Vaginoplasty: Surgically creating a pseudo-vagina in a male after removing his penis and scrotum. Vaginoplasty requires a lifetime commitment to aftercare, because men who have a vaginoplasty will have to painfully dilate their “vagina” regularly to keep it open. Serious complications are common. (In earlier years, the hospital said the earliest age this could be done was 17, later changing that to 18.)

Direct mention of hysterectomies has been removed. Like the others above, this is a permanent “gender affirming” procedure that cannot be reversed. There is no dedicated page on hysterectomy (and there was none on the older website). But the “LGBTQ+ Equality” page confirms “gender affirming hysterectomies” are still performed:

The Division of Gynecology offers LGBTQ+-affirming pediatric and adolescent gynecology services. They also offer gender affirming hysterectomy and vaginoplasty to transgender adults between the ages of 18 to 35 years.

Incredibly, Boston Children’s Hospital refers to many of these procedures as “transgender reproductive health.” This is illogical because those procedures in fact cause permanent sterility.

The gender clinic continues its silence on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Although those are both standard parts of transgender “medicine,” BCH has never included descriptions of them on its website that we could find.

BCH Is Still Aggressively Pushing “Transgender Medicine”

Despite the fact that BCH is hiding most of its harmful procedures from the public, it still stands up for the ghoulish concept of “gender-affirming health care” for children and young adults. They still claim — without providing any documentation — that their practices are “grounded in scientific evidence.” This is laughable, especially in light of the recent WPATH Files and Cass Review.

Still prominent on the BCH site is this description:

At Boston Children’s, we are proud to be home to the first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program in the United States, the Gender Multispecialty Service (GeMS), which has cared for more than 1,000 families to date. We believe in a gender-affirmative model of care, which supports transgender and gender diverse youth in the gender in which they identify. This is a standard of care grounded in scientific evidence, demonstrating its benefits to the health and well-being of transgender and gender diverse youth. In addition to supporting our patients and families, we stand with our colleagues who may identify as transgender or gender diverse, those who provide care to transgender youth and who are allies to the transgender community.

The proposed bans on medical care, sports participation and other legislation aiming to restrict the rights of transgender and gender diverse youth are in direct opposition to our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity, as well as the standard of care that we live by. Here in Massachusetts, we have been fortunate—there has not yet been movement on any of these initiatives. You may recall that in 2016, Massachusetts voters upheld legislation designed to protect the rights of transgender residents in public accommodations. Boston Children’s was proud to be part of the coalition that worked in support of that ballot question. [italics added]

BCH believes its controversial practices cannot be challenged. The hospital is protected by the Massachusetts “transgender rights” law (2016) covering public accommodations.

Further protecting BCH is an absurd law passed in 2022 that criminalizes legal challenges filed against the hospital for its “gender affirming” services. Anyone from out of state who would dare to bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice could be charged with “abusive litigation”! This law needs to be challenged by a detransitioner or other patient harmed by the clinic.

Another Outrageous Discovery on the Hospital’s Website

As MassResistance tried to make sense of the gender clinic’s redesigned web pages, it came across an unbelievable outrage. One of the doctors at the gender clinic (seen in this video) has used the hospital’s facilities to conduct (NIH-funded) research on a device to aid female-to-male patients who have had phalloplasties (fake penises created from other skin) to have “erections” during intercourse. (Since a female-to-male’s pseudo-penis is nonfunctional sexually, it remains flaccid.)

The official description of the clinical trial on the BCH website describes it in gruesome detail.

The “principal investigator” of this research is Dr. Elizabeth Boskey (who appears to be a man). In the undated video below (now removed from the BCH website), Boskey talks about “gender affirming surgeries” — and cites standards from the discredited transgender health promoter WPATH.

BCH VIDEO: Who is eligible for surgical “transitions”? – featuring Dr. Elizabeth Boskey (48 sec)

Final Thoughts

By any commonsense measure, all of this is medical quackery that would be challenged in any other context. But gender ideology has taken a cult-like hold on many of our institutions. And a lot of money is being made on the backs of the many children being irreparably harmed.

Most disturbing, Boston Children’s Hospital’s beliefs in “gender affirming health care” are not even considered extremist or an outlier in the medical profession. They are still considered mainstream by the medical establishment in the United States and much of the world. The major medical societies, such as the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Endocrine Society caved in years ago to these bizarre ideas (as a result of pressure and intimidation, not actual scientific inquiry), and still openly accept and promote them.

But the tide is turning. The claim that these treatments are “grounded in scientific evidence” is being exposed as nonsense, as revealed beyond dispute in the recent exposé on WPATH — an organization BCH refers to as authoritative. Furthermore, the recent Cass Review out of Britain is calling for a reexamination of gender treatments and can’t be ignored.

How much longer can the Gender Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital go unchallenged?


Originally published at Reprinted with permission. For additional media content, see original post.

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