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Dr. Everett Piper is the fifth president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, established in 1909.

President Piper is passionate about providing students with the best opportunities to impact culture, think independently and build a biblical foundation for their beliefs. Alongside his work as president, Dr. Piper advocates for cultural change from a Christian worldview. His commentary on religion, education and politics challenges his academic and political peers for what he calls their fallacious Orwellian duplicity of intolerant tolerance. Dr. Piper is the author of Why I Am A Liberal, and Other Conservative Ideas and the viral op-ed, “This is not a Daycare, It’s a University”. He also regularly speaks on the radio and writes for a number of publications.**

A native of Hillsdale, Mich., Dr. Piper and his wife, along with their two sons, have served as OKWU’s First Family since August of 2002. Dr. Piper actively participates in the Bartlesville community and the Wesleyan church, and serves on a variety of councils relating to Christian leadership and thought, and public policy.

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