The Pro-Life Art of War

By Published on May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015 ( — Imagine if same-sex marriage were prohibited nationwide, and legal protections for homosexuals consistently struck down or defeated—while sodomy laws were re-imposed and enforced, with billions of dollars in funding from Congress. How effective would you consider the gay rights movement?

If the Second Amendment were reduced to a hollow, meaningless shell, and Americans’ guns—even hunting and target rifles—were all confiscated by the feds, what would we think of the gun lobby?

If the U.S. abandoned Israel to its fate, and starting sending aid and arms to Hezbollah and Hamas, what would we say of the Israel lobby?

Fix each of those scenarios in mind, and let’s ask the question: What should we think of the pro-life movement? The answer is tragically clear: For all the minds and hearts it has changed, it is a comprehensive political failure. American abortion laws are among the laxest on planet Earth—far less protective of unborn life than laws in secular Holland or Scandinavia.

In 50 states abortion is effectively legal for all nine months for any reason, including sex selection, and funded by the government. (Well-intended restrictions on abortion after “viability” all include “life AND health of the mother” exceptions any doctor could drive a truck through—and laws against partial birth abortion only ban one method of destroying unborn children, out of many.)

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