America: At the Crossroads, or the End of the Road?

By John Zmirak Published on August 1, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless I drew it. In that case it’s worth a lot less. In the course of routine educational testing as a child (“What is wrong with this strange boy? Is he dangerous?”) I learned that my graphic skills fell in the range of “developmentally disabled.” In other words, I drew like one of the Special Ed kids.

So instead I draw words with pictures. But today I’d like to do a little of both. Let me string together for you a series of pictures and videos that convey, better than words can, the choice we all face in November.

Are We Citizens or Veal Calves?

Will we be a country where people defend their homes like this brave mom, confident that the law and their neighbors will support them?

Or do we want to live like Britons, where citizens are mostly disarmed? Where citizens don’t have the presumptive right to resist home invasions? Richard Osborn-Brooks is a 78-year-old Englishman who lives with his disabled wife, Maureen. He killed one of three burglars armed with a screwdriver who menaced them in their home. Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder. Though he was later released, he and his wife had to be moved to a police safe house after sympathizers with the burglar vented outrage. Neighbors who side with the criminal keep putting up memorial shrines to him at Osborn-Brooks’ home. He never felt safe to return, and now lives in hiding for fear of reprisals.

Do We Defend Our Property and Our Country?

Here’s a recent (July 12) video of a small businessman whose Los Angeles jewelry store was invaded by two thieves with hammers. He emerged from the back with a firearm and sent them fleeing:

Here, by contrast, are images of Spanish beachgoers and tourists watching in horror as a wave of military-age Muslim migrants land on their beach and disperse. Spain’s socialist government has announced its welcome of refugees.

Do We Have Rights and Duties? Or Just Pleasure and Pain Quotients?

Or scroll around in this video of a 2012 Tea Party rally in Florida. Nicely dressed citizens organize to talk about civic issues. (Groups like these were those targeted for legal harassment by Lois Lerner’s IRS under Barack Obama.) They pray, sit calmly for talks, and sing patriotic songs. And they leave the place as clean or cleaner than they found it.

By contrast, look at the Antifa protestors who occupied federal property for weeks, causing extensive damage and shutting down ICE’s deportation of human traffickers and drug dealers. It took dozens of police in riot gear to close down the encampment:

For a little more action, watch these Antifa protestors attack conservatives, in a Canadian Broadcast Company news feature:

Two Radically Different Visions

Our nation is deeply divided, between two conflicting visions. In one, the government serves to protect the claim of citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the other, the State is a blind rugby scrum of ruthless group competition, for control of the means of coercion. For the right, we are creatures of God with both rights and duties. For the left, we are featherless bipeds pursuing pleasure, avoiding pain, like rats in some experiment.

The safe, sane middle that once made elections like those between Nixon and Kennedy occasions for calm debate and prudential decisions? It’s gone. The left has scorched it, left it a no-man’s land pock-marked with blast cavities and poison gas. Leading Democrats now openly call for open borders, socialism, and “abortion on demand without apology.” The party of Hubert Humphrey is now the party of Cecile Richards.

And we will decide on November 6 whether to hand those Democrats the power to reverse a presidential election by a lawless act of impeachment. To defund ICE, and leave our communities as much the plaything of cartels as any village in Mexico. And forbid religious agencies from handling adoptions. To further whittle back our right to defend ourselves and our property, our churches and our country.

Those are the stakes. I’d say “Go vote or go home.” That has a nice ring to it. But this is our home. There are no more Americas to flee to, as our ancestors did. This is it, the last ditch at the end of the road. We stand here as at the Alamo, and it seems we are surrounded.

And that’s the picture I’d like to paint for you.

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  • Hoyos

    You know, they thought people were “silly” for showing up in helmets, gas masks, etc., but the left has shown itself to be the most consistently violent and insane.

    When Charleston and Charlottesville happened, everyone on the right, barring the odd anonymous troll, condemned it in no uncertain terms.

    When those cops got massacred in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and NYC, nobody remembers a goddam thing. Whenever right wingers get assaulted, they “have it coming”. Finding assaults by right wingers though is proving incredibly troublesome.

    • Kevin Quillen

      the “tolerant left” is vicious.

  • Wilber Stone

    The Mahdi, or the Twelfth Imam, that means the guided one, is the long-awaited savior. He establishes of the final Caliphate. The world must follow him as he takes over or he will destroy all enemies of Islam. He will come and he will carry on holy war and either you convert or you’re killed by the Mahdi. He will have an army. His army will be a massive army and his army will go from nation to nation to punish the unbelievers.
    “The holy writings of Islam say that this army will carry black flags. And on those black flags there will be one word and that one word will be the word Punishment.”
    The Iranian army, IS, and Antifa, today carry black flags. They want to be ready for the coming of the Mahdi.

  • Sarah Pierzchala

    ICE is now suing the City of Portland for violations of the 14th amendment. The police were instructed not to respond when the protesters chased and harassed their employees, so they were in effect denied equal protection…

    • Hoyos

      They very specifically refused to answer a 911 call. That is some next level anarcho-tyranny, it’s basically the resuscitation of the original meaning of “outlaw”. It means, “You’re allowed to kill this person without legal consequence, they are out-law.”

      People complained on the right that Trump was “divisive”. The division is here and the mayor of a significant American city is willing to let people die to prove a political point.

  • Anne Fernandes

    I do not consider myself politically correct nor thin-skinned, John, and I agree with and appreciate the content and tenor of your article. However, your reference to “Special Ed kids” and their inability to draw is narrow-minded and insufferable. For the future, please think twice before even uttering the words “Special Ed kids. They are students with special needs, and I dare say many of them are able to draw better than you.

    • Kevin Quillen

      if you have read any of Mr Zimirak’s articles in the past, you would know what kind of heart he has. Would you prefer…special needs, drawing challenged, handicapped, or……? Get over it snowflake.

      • Anne Fernandes

        My concern regarding the labels we put on children is absolute and personal. However, the intent of my comment was obliterated by the WAY and haste with which I uttered the comment. I am ashamed, and I repent of my mean-spirited tongue. I apologize, and ask for forgiveness. Nothing like conviction to correct one’s actions. Thanks, Kevin.

        • Zmirak

          Thanks. I was simply repeating the terminology I saw in my assessment at age 12.

          • Anne Fernandes

            Again, I apologize…to infinity!

        • Kevin Quillen

          forgiveness granted, of course! And I apologize for the snowflake comment. Over reaction. I am sorry.

  • Sapient

    Great column. Hope it and others like it are heard above the lies screamed by MSM, Academia, and Entertainment each and every day…

  • Patmos

    Liberals have become useful idiots in this country, and while not all of them engage is self destructive behavior, the act of standing idly by while your party gets taken over by anti American dimwits is an act of complicity. Modern Democrats are stuck on the propaganda that tells them they should feel guilty, guilty about being white (if they’re white), guilty about destroying the environment, guilty about being prosperous (again, if they are), etc. This is because they don’t have any real standards, and so are easily susceptible to baseless vilification.

  • tz1

    The problem is the only ones the left will fight with arms, like bike locks, pepper spray, acid, etc. are Trump supporters including people like Milo.

    They prefer to harass, disemploy, and deplatform.

    We are at the end of the road as I expect Christians won’t become crusaders to defend their Families or Christ. See what happened when someone went “extra-judicial”, which our government does all the time from Waco, to Ruby Ridge to Drone strikes to LeVoy Finnicum, on George Tiller that literally had more blood on his hands from the Abortions he performed than the ink of the Fatwa’s Osama Bin Laden had who also was extra-judicially killed.

    No one would take him out. So the sanctuary was entered by the brave, they shot the killer to death!

    It applies to both, but Scott Roder is in prison while Seal Team Six are considered Heroes.

    Seal Team Six will come for Christians, kill them, burn their churches, and send their children to satanic indoctrination if we don’t resolve this properly.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    It would seem that not since the men in blue took up arms against the men in grey has our nation faced such disparity of thought. Both sides can’t be right & both sides are not wrong.
    The signpost is there for all to see. Some will get there & some won’t. However it is not merely a matter of “there” . It’s in my humble opinion simply a matter of “The Way” .
    There is “That Way” that many in our nation credit for the “right of way” that has brought us to where we are as a divided people.
    Like The Man said a long time ago , “ he who is not against us is for us “
    There are more that are “ for us “ than there are those who are against us . In other words we are at the “ cross road “ / The Cross road ….

  • Tim H

    The thing we need to fight is the all encompassing infinitely tentacled state. But it’s hard. Our side understands what is lost by giving every social interaction to the state – the true local customs, traditions and freedom that once ran in all directions across our country in a million different varieties – the local social structures, civic organizations, religious organizations, neighborhood connections and so forth. So when something so amorphous as that is all we have to give up to have free everything – Medicare and jobs for all – how can Joe Blow refuse? The mentality has been there for decades. We can have everything free today and all we have to do is make our kids and their kids pay for it or the “rich” but who cares about any of them. Didn’t Jesus tell us to hate the rich anyway? I just dont know if there is any way to get back to a small government and a vibrant private local culture. The middle American is going to be hard pressed to get why he should make that trade.

  • Kevin Quillen

    American government, with acquiescence of the people, has murdered some 55 to 60 million babies. Do you suppose there is a connection with our current problems.
    The problem is world views. There are only two. Either God created us or He didn’t. The belief that He didn’t has tragic consequences. We are feeling them now.

  • Kevin Quillen

    One of our founders said, that our system of government was only suited for a religious and moral people. (paraphrase) Madison I think.
    Lincoln said that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation is the philosophy of the government in the next.
    We have left our destroyed our foundation. We are doomed to a future of tyranny and serfdom. The one ray of hope we have left is jury nullification. We as citizens have the power to nullify any unjust law(and even just laws that are not fairly(equally) applied) by refusing to enforce it in the jury room. This message must be spread and everyone should learn about this powerful tool. Judges will not tell you this power exists and even try to keep it quiet.

    • Kelly B

      Amen – it’s because the kids who were godless radicals in the 1960’s are now the godless radicals controlling congress, the MSM, colleges, etc.

  • Sruss745

    We must hold the fort, so to speak. We must offer them the gospel of Jesus Christ as a means of reconciliation to God. We must love them in spite of themselves. But that doesn’t mean we must agree with them or go along to get along. No, we must hold up the rule of law and the standard of our Constitution and keep it pure. Vote Character and morals, not party!

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