5 Things You Can Do about Transgender Restrooms: Speak Out, Take Action

The government’s staggering overreach last Friday smacks more of colonial tyranny than anything I can remember. Parents are rightly outraged, but what can we do?

By Eric Metaxas Published on May 19, 2016

My BreakPoint colleague, John Stonestreet, and I are both dads.  In fact, we are both dads of daughters. Thus, Friday’s bathroom edict from the Obama Administration hit particularly close to home, since it is girls like our daughters that are the most vulnerable.

But what can we do? As we like to say at the Colson Center, outrage is not a strategy. So I’d like to propose five things.

First, as John said on Monday, we have to understand the issue. This is a biggie, folks, on a number of levels: Government overreach and ideological extortion, denial of biological realities, equivocation with civil rights, and on and on. At BreakPoint.org, we’ve compiled the best resources we could find to explain the gravity of this staggering exercise in government tyranny.

Second, we have to speak out. As American citizens, we should contact our state leaders and encourage them not to allow this blatant violation of state sovereignty — which it is — to go unchecked. As parents, we should contact our school boards and principals, and demand to know how they plan to protect all the children in the school in light of this edict.

Third, it’s time to talk to your children about the transgender issues. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. And none of us thought we’d have to add this to our plan in raising our children, but at times, our culture leaves us no choice. We all need to have “the talk” with our children, and today “the talk” includes not only the birds and the bees, but also gender, identity, marriage, and how to hold convictions about these things with courage, grace and truth.

If you don’t talk to your children about these things, someone else — the media, the schools, the government, their peers — will.

And there’s a lot to cover. Happily, there’s a new resource hot off the press, and it couldn’t be more timely. John Stonestreet, along with our partners at AXIS and Sean McDowell have produced a “Family Conversation Kit” on gender, sex, and marriage.

This four-part series includes video teaching, with examples from popular culture to discuss with your kids, and tons of resources to look at together. And it offers something absolutely necessary, a clear description of God’s created intent for us as image-bearers, male and female, and how that enables His vision for sex and marriage.

Come to BreakPoint.org/gender, and we’ll tell you how you can purchase this digital download — it’s worth every penny, trust me. It will set the stage for the conversation you must have with your kids. It is great for schools, small groups, and youth groups, too.

Fourth, Christians need to be clear on who the enemy is not. Many gender-confused school children are themselves the victims of very bad ideas. They’re being misled by those who would advance theories and policies that deny observable biological realities. Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. Your family, your church, and your Christian community may be called upon to do victim care. Develop a plan now.

And finally, parents need to seriously consider alternative educational options. My family has chosen private education, and John’s family homeschools. Some families may feel they have no choice but to send their kids to public schools, and I get that. But there are more options than ever when it comes to educational alternatives. A line in the sand has been crossed, folks. Christian parents need to investigate other options. And churches need to jump in the process too, innovating opportunities for those families currently unable to take advantage of the alternatives.

So come to BreakPoint.org. We’ve got lots of resources there to help, and remember, at BreakPoint.org/gender we have information on the Family Conversation Kit on gender, sex, and marriage.


Originally published on Breakpoint.org: BreakPoint Commentaries, May 19, 2016. Re-published with permission of  The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

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  • Using fear and propaganda to make a profit. Who pays the social cost? We all do but especially our transgender brothers and sisters. I would love to analyze the information that they are selling in this $17 “family kit”

    • Liz Litts

      ‘Transgender brothers and sisters’ are decieved and need help-we do not do them a service by coddling their delusion.

      • What type of help are you alluding to? Being transgender is an illness nor a mental disorder.

        • Pat Benedict

          Frederick Douglass. Harriet Tubman. Martin Luther King. Not one of them ever said that a man could be a “transgendered” woman. And, that is very understandable because a man “identifying” as a woman is not reality.

          • Please tell me your point of mentioning those three?

          • Pat Benedict

            I thought you would be familiar with all three people, and I was hoping what I said would influence you.

          • Okay

          • Daiyu Hurst

            Your concepts of man and woman are social constructions created in the ancient past to enforce patriarchal social structure. They correspond only roughly to a subset of humanity. There are five common human sexes, eight if you count the ones with 48 chromosomes. None of them are defects. They are naturally occurring variations in the human genome. These variations affect neural development. Postmortem autopsies of 46 X,Y trans women show stria terminalis sized the same as 46 X,X women.

            When a genetic variation results in an inviable fetus, or birth with anacephaly or any number of other life-terminating conditions are perhaps properly thought of as defects. Any other variation being so treated constitutes nothing less than eugenics.

          • Pat Benedict

            Perhaps you agree with each of the following(I’m not saying you don’t. I am simply trying to make a point):

            A man who says he is a woman is not a “transgender” woman. He is a man.

            A man who says he is a 10-year-old boy is not a 10-year-old “transager” boy. He is a man.

            A 10-year-old girl who says she is a dog is not a dog. She is a girl.

          • RebelWithACause

            How many so -called “”XY transwomen” have become pregnant through vaginal copulation with an XY man, and given birth to a child? You are either shamelessly intellectually dishonest, lacking education in the sciences of Biology, and Anatony and Physiology; or suffering from a psychotic break from reality. By your preposterous reasoning, a baby born with a cleft palate should NOT be afforded corrective surgery, as that would constitute eugenics. Whatever the cause, or pathology, responsible for your absurd pronouncements, you are completely wrong in your conclusion.

        • John_33

          As with any illness, there needs to be a cure, but instead of working to offer one, the government is trying to force everyone else to believe that these people actually managed to change their genders (a biological impossibility). There’s no such thing as male women or female men, yet that’s what transgenderism is all about. It’s a fantasy, and it’s one that end up hurting a lot of people — especially when people, including parents, push this ideology on young children who aren’t old enough to understand what is being discussed.

        • Charles Burge

          Sorry, but you are just flat-out wrong here. When a person’s perception does not correspond to objective reality, then the correct approach is to change the perception, rather than try to impose a change upon reality. Enabling a delusion is NOT compassionate. It is cruel and destructive. Also, since you carry the title of Reverend, I would point out that it is a denial of God’s sovereignty to teach that He made a “mistake” when He assigned either two X chromosomes or an X and a Y chromosome to any individual. Yes, in a fallen world there are developmental abnormalities that happen sometimes, but those are a very tiny minority and can be addresses on a case-by-case basis. This notion that people can or should change their gender at will is a teaching straight from Satan whose agenda it is to deny the clear teaching of Scripture that says “He created them male and female.” I am disturbed greatly that you have allowed yourself to fall prey to this dangerous idea.

          • You say I am wrong? Not according to every legit medical and mental health governing body. Being transgender is neither a mental illness nor a mental disorder. According to experts trying to force transgender people to change their perception does not work and in fact this is cruelty. This approach is called reperative therapy. Many Christian therapist involved with ex-gay ministries were big on this failed and dangerous approach.

            As for your “God makes no mistakes but Yes, in a fallen world there are developmental abnormalities that happen sometimes,” is cherry picking. It sums up the whole anti-lgbt message of folks like yourself. You made countering your argument easy, you actually did it for me.

        • RebelWithACause

          Yes…it is a psychiatric disorder called “gender dysphoria”. Biology determines gender. One’s emotions do not alter biological facts. Mental health counselling is indicated for those who suffer from gender dysphoria. But those who claim that a man is a “woman” simply because he insists so, is suffering from anti-social behavior commonly known as “lying”.

          • Rebel no. Gender dysphoria is the severe discomfort of the born ex being different than that person’s gender identity. Not all transgender people have gender dysphoria. Counseling helps the discomfort and is not geared towards changing that person’s gender identity.

            So again being transgender is not a mental disorder nor a mental illness.

          • Daiyu Hurst

            Gender dysphoria is no longer classified as a disorder. Neither is homosexuality. And very few people still believe the earth is flat. Please educate yourself.

          • RebelWithACause

            No darlin’, I suggest you educate yourself with basic science courses in Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Gender is determined by biology, not by emotion. No amount of imaginative fantasizing will change a man into a woman; nor vice versa. A course or two in Ethics would likely be helpful for your education as well. But please, start by reading the June 2008 edition of Psychiatric Times article on the Pathology of Lying. If you believe a “pronouncement” by the government can warp biological science and morph a man into a woman, then clearly you would nod in agreement if the DNC, or GLAAD, or NAMBLA, or White House issued an edict that the world is flat; and if your neighbor insisted that science had proved the world is not flat, you would call her a bigot and racist. Truly darlin’, no amount of invitations to fashionable leftist cocktail parties is worth abandoning “truth”, nor breaking with reality. Oh, you might want to take a university level course in Western History to learn who is Sir Thomas More, and when he lived.

  • Liz Litts

    Way to go Eric–I am reading your book about Bonhoffer right now! really gripping.

  • darkeyes1

    Rev. still don’t get it there have been three cases of a grown man attacking a 8 year old girl, and a 6 or 7 year old girl was rape in a bathroom

  • Rebel concerning that study,

    “But the study did not compare trans people who had gotten surgery to trans people who had not gotten surgery — it compared them to the general population of Sweden, people who are not transgender. Thus, none of its conclusions actually support the claim that there are consequences to transitioning. Furthermore, the mortality rate was only statistically significant for people who had surgery before 1989; for those who had their surgery between 1989 and 2003, the increased mortality for transgender people was not statistically significant”

    1. Gender Dysphoria is severe discomfort of not having who you identify to be match your born biology. Counseling and SRS are the treatments for Gender Dysphoria and not every transgender person has gender dysphoria. 2. That same research details that transgender women had a high suicide rate and not transgender men. So this leads to the discrimination of transgender women and not simply being transgender.

    • RebelWithACause

      Sorry, my dear sir. You are intellectually dishonest. The study specifically looked at suicide rates among those suffering from gender dysphoria who underwent SRS versus those who did not, and demonstrated a 1600% increase in suicide among those who completed SRS. Gender is strictly determined by biology, and is not altered by emotional desire. A failure to accept the reality of scientific certainty is a sign of mental illness. “Transgender” no more exists than does “transracial” or “transpecies”. A man may suffer from gender dysphoria, and this psychiatric disorder my lead him to believe that “on the inside” he is a woman, but a physical examination of his anatomy and DNA analysis will clearly establish his gender as male. As I alluded earlier, habitual lying is a particular pathology as well. I can offer help to you in seeking treatment for your pathology, before you render harm to any unfortunate man or woman suffering from gender dysphoria. To paraphrase Sir Thomas More, “If the world is round, will the “President’s” command make it flat. Must I say yes to the State’s sickness? Will you help “America” by populating her with liars?”

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